Collin Morikawa blames ‘his age’ for poor results

Collin Morikawa had an interesting season. Although he did not achieve what he wanted, we have no doubt that Morikawa will show his qualities in the coming period. He’s frustrated with a lot of things this season.

“This year’s been fairly stressful, a little frustrating at the same time,” he said, as quoted by “I think some guys are definitely taking it easy and I’ve kind of ramped it up just trying to kind of figure things out. I want to finish this fall with the best foot forward as possible. That’s why I come to these tournaments, to come out here and play well and hopefully win.”

He was trying to get in shape, but he couldn’t do it.

“A lot of searching and a lot of just kind of guessing, right?” he said. “Ever since I made the trip out to Dubai and played the DP World, played Abu Dhabi and Dubai earlier in the year, things just never felt good. Just kind of was searching for that game, searching for some kind of normal.”

Collin Morikawa

Morikawa is too ambitious and it sometimes costs him.

“It was a lot more stressful this year,” Morikawa said. “I’ve just been trying to figure out what was wrong when it was simply just kind of a body thing and just the way my body was moving.”

What quite surprised the fans is the fact that Morikawa considers ‘getting old’ to be the culprit.

“To be honest, I think it’s just getting old. It’s just getting old,” he said. “I mean, man, I drank way more in college than I ever do now, but apparently when you get older, your body just moves differently. I still feel great, like everything feels great, everything moves great, but it’s just not as clean as it was. And the maintenance I have to do now is just a little bit more.

It doesn’t mean I need to do anything crazy, I’m not changing anything really, it’s just getting my body to where I need it to be. Say, last year I didn’t really have to focus on it, but when I look back and you think about how much travel I’ve done over the past three and a half years, it’s a lot. It doesn’t stop. I love it, but travel takes a toll on your body and it takes a toll on you and you’ve got to be able to kind of work your way through that and that’s what the best athletes are doing.”