Coco Gauff: “I suffered the pressure, expectations influenced me”

Coco Gauff at the Internazionali BNL d’Italia talked about many topics, from the rvials she is facing to mental health problems. She said: “I decided to train only because tomorrow I will play Sakkari. She hits the ball in a completely different way, so I needed a little more pace.

It will be a good match with her. Also, sometimes I like to hit a few balls after the game because not every game, even if you win, doesn’t leave a good feeling. I try to conclude with something that makes you feel good. Right now I feel great. I mean, last year too I got a good result here. I really enjoy playing here. I think these conditions are suitable for me.

Rome? I went around. My favorite thing here is definitely eating. I really like eating pasta, eating all the different sweets. My favorites are ice cream and tiramisu. At the Parma tournament last year I ate the best pasta of my life.

Before every game I eat pasta because I try to eat something with a lot of carbohydrates and proteins. Of course it will never be like the one you do in Italy! I’m going to try to get my nails done right now because they’re falling apart right now. Then I want to see the new Marvel movie. The program hasn’t let me see it yet. “

Coco Gauff: “I suffered the pressure, expectations influenced me”

About fashion she said: “I would say my favorite brand is Louis Vuitton. I like big brands, but I hate spending money. It’s something I do once in a while. If I do well in a tournament, I say: Ok, I’ll buy something nice! I like to buy things for others, for my mother, for my family. I like to spoil them a little. But when I have to show up for me I think how many times I’ll wear it and if it’s worth it. “

Gauff said herĀ little brother is an Ons Jabeur fan, so much so that he calls himself Black Ons Jabeur: “He’s 14. He plays baseball, not tennis. He calls himself Black Ons Jabeur. He loves watching Ons play.”

How much did the pressure affect? Yes, I would definitely say that the expectations influenced me a bit. I think it is difficult to do well and meet everyone’s expectations. But I always have to remember that I play for myself and only for me. As for maturity, I feel I still have to mature a lot.

I would say that I have matured a lot since I started. But at 18, I don’t think I’m definitely mature. I’m working on it constantly. I hope that in three years I will be able to say that I am mature. I don’t know if I am already! “