Coach: Maria Sakkari has No. 1 potential, she must become little more arrogant

Coach Tom Hill absolutely believes Maria Sakkari has what it takes to become the world No. 1. 

Sakkari, who made her second Grand Slam semifinal at this past US Open, broke into the top-10 for the first time in her career this week at the age of 26. 

Breaking into the top-10 was Sakkari’s big goal but now she aims to continue her rise in the rankings. 

“I know Maria can become the best player in the world. I know it. Who is number one? Barty? Maria has already beaten her. Osaka? Maria has already beaten her. Kvitova? Maria has already beaten her. There’s no one she can’t beat, so why not be the best? She must become a little more arrogant, she must think that she is the best. It’s possible, believe me,” Hill told SDNA. 

Sakkari felt she could finally break into the top-10 

After making the French Open semifinal, Sakkari was confident she could finally achieve her goal of making the top-10. 

“I felt like I was ready to do it after the French but I felt like I was still far away because I needed consistency,” Sakkari said, per Tennis Majors. “I really felt like I was ready to do it after the French, I did not prove myself that I could do it for the next two months because I was a little inconsistent. Then after playing semis at the US Open I was 100 percent sure that I deserved to be there.”

Sakkari is more than happy with her season. 

“Let’s be honest, not many players played two semifinals in Slams this year and have the results that I’m having,” Sakkari said. “I don’t want to sound cocky but that’s the reality. That’s something that I say, so I can also hear it at the same time, to give myself the power to continue.”