Coach Goran Ivanisevic: The sky is the limit for a healthy Novak Djokovic

Coach Goran Ivanisevic believes that only the sky is the limit for world No. 1 Novak Djokovic if he remains healthy. 

Djokovic, who captured an 18th Grand Slam title at this past Australian Open, last week overtook Roger Federer for the most weeks spent as world No. 1. 

Federer and Rafael Nadal are tied for the most Grand Slams captured and Djokovic is coming for them. 

“If he’s healthy, if his mind is clear like he was in Australia and he knows what he wants to do, the sky is the limit. Like I said before Steffi Graf, 372, you know… anything is possible. Most important is if he’s healthy then we’ll see what’s going to happen,” Ivanisevic said, as revealed on Essentially Sports. 

Ivanisevic recently acknowledged the greatness of the Big Three 

“Honestly, Rafa is going to win one more, maybe two for sure, French Opens”. Ivanisevic said after Djokovic won the Australian Open. “(So) you need to keep going winning. Novak is favourite in Wimbledon and US Open.”

World No. 2 Daniil Medvedev was aiming to lift his maiden Grand Slam title at this past Australian Open but he didn’t win a set in the final against Djokovic.

“Rafa for sure is going to win one,” Ivanisevic added. “I hope not two, but I give him one. Who knows. They (the big three) are unbelievable. They producing better and better tennis. Every time when you think they gone, the young guns are coming, they are here but these guys are better, one step better in the finals. I don’t know where is the end. Maybe they’re going to pass Margaret Court (the overall record-holder with 24) and Serena (Williams, who has 23), maybe not. But it’s amazing what they doing on the court. It’s amazing how they perform on the big matches. I’m waiting for Roger to come back. It’s going to be more interesting to see what’s going to happen in French and Wimbledon.”