Coach David Nainkin speaks on Taylor Fritz’s competitive nature, overthinking habits

Coach David Nainkin insists Taylor Fritz is an intelligent players but sometimes it causes him to think too much on the court. 

Fritz sometimes doesn’t want to get too predictable and then he starts thinking about ways how to make it unpredictable for the opponent. 

“There can be, but he has the ability to process a lot of information, more than a lot of other players. And he maybe will overthink a strategy, and that can hurt you, saving certain shots for certain points and really getting ahead of yourself. You keep it really simple, play your game style. He can sometimes get away from that because he overthinks his strategy. We try to bring him back,” Nainkin told the ATP website. 

“I’ll give an example. He says, ‘Then I’ll become too predictable’. I said, ‘That’s okay’. Being good is sometimes being predictable, even if the guy knows you’re doing what you’re going to do, keep doing it if it’s a winning strategy. Brilliance is boring.”

Nainkin insists Fritz is as competitive as it gets 

Nainkin was asked to reveal one example of Fritz’s competitive nature. 

“He’s broken a few remote controls playing FIFA (laughs). I think when he was playing FIFA, he was trying to get into the Top 100 in the world and that took days off his life. The competitive side goes everywhere. Now he plays golf. That’s coming along. We hope he doesn’t get too caught up in the golf, but it’s good he likes to play golf,” Nainkin revealed. 

Nainkin absolutely enjoying being around Fritz as he insists the 23-year-old American is a great person. 

“He’s a loyal guy. He doesn’t blame anybody. He takes full responsibility for everything he does. He’s well-behaved. It goes a long way when you talk about our industry. He takes everything on himself and he’s got a strong character. He’s an honourable guy,” Nainkin claimed.