Cincinnati Masters to match Naomi Osaka’s prize money pledge to Haiti relief

The Cincinnati Masters has announced that it will match Naomi Osaka’s prize money pledge to Haiti earthquake reflief, per Ben Rothenberg. 

A 7.2 magnitude earthquake hit Haiti and more than 2,000 people were killed, while many lost their homes. 

Osaka was absolutely devastated after seeing the unfortunate scenes in Haiti and she wanted to help from Day 1. 

“Really hurts to see all the devastation that’s going on in Haiti, and I feel like we really can’t catch a break. I’m about to play a tournament this week and I’ll give all the prize money to relief efforts for Haiti. I know our ancestors blood is strong we’ll keep rising,” Osaka tweeted before she kicked off her Cincinnati campaign. 

Osaka won’t stop there 

After her opening win at the Cincinnati Masters, Osaka said she was trying to find way how to help more Haiti. 

“For Haiti, I feel like I’m not really doing that much. I could do more, and I’m trying to figure out what I can do and what exactly or where exactly to put my energy into,” said an emotional Osaka.

“The prize money thing is sort of like the first thing that I thought of that I could do that would raise the most awareness. I guess that is the reason why I announced it. It’s really scary, because like I see the news every day, and honestly the earthquake was kind of close to, you know, my parents’ school there, so I’m honestly not really sure how that’s doing and I haven’t seen any pictures or video of it yet.”

Osaka, ranked at No. 2 in the world, has just returned to action following a two-month break. 

After pulling out of her French Open second round and skipping the entire grass season, Osaka returned to action at the Tokyo Olympics. 

Osaka also skipped last week’s Montreal Masters but appeared at this week’s Cincinnati Masters.