Chris Evert on Netflix: Told Ajla Tomljanovic you’ve got to be bitchy, mean sometimes

Chris Evert revealed on Netflix’s tennis documentary she once advised Ajla Tomljanovic to learn to be “a little bitchy and mean on the court sometimes.”

Evert, a former 18-time Grand Slam champion, also revealed on Break Point that she met Tomljanovic for the first time when the Australian was just 12.

Tomljanovic, now 29 years old, has been mentored by Evert ever since. 

“I remember meeting Ajla when she was 12 years old. And I saw a player that had potential. I grew very close to her and became like her mentor. There are more than, like, 10000 women pros, and to get to the top-50, it’s a big achievement. But she could be top-10. I always thought the thing missing from her was her toughness. I said ‘You are too nice. You know, you’ve got to be a little bitchy out there sometimes. You’ve got to be mean,'” Evert said on the second episode of Break Point.

Evert revealed what was her advice to Tomljanovic

Tomljanovic, who will be turning 30 in May, has been a Grand Slam quarterfinalist three times so far in her career.

Also, Tomljanovic has never been ranked higher than No 33 in the world – that ranking she achieved in October.

This January, Tomljanovic was hoping to make her big Grand Slam breakthrough at the Australian Open.

Unfortunately, Tomljanovic was forced to retire from the tournament due to a knee injury.

“It absolutely pains me to have to write this message but unfortunately I won’t be able to compete at this year’s Australian Open.

I’ve done absolutely everything in my power to get healthy but just ran out of time to heal and be 100 per cent ready to compete at a high level. It’s been a very tough decision to make but I have to listen to my body,” Tomljanovic announced.

Hopefully Tomljanovic won’t be forced to miss any more Grand Slams in 2023.