Cameron Champ: “It is not all about the golf”

When Matthew Wolff opened a window into the mental challenges of balancing golf and personal happiness at the recent United States Open, Cameron Champ understood.

Cameron Champs, statements

“For me it’s not all about golf. I talked to my wife, I talked with my coach. I just try to have a more open-minded process and enjoy the game more, not be so hard on myself and as long as I put the work in, then results will come. Obviously I’m going to put a hundred percent effort into this game. I love it. It has given me so much. But also, I have my family, I have other things that mean more to me than this game. So, for me, it’s just kind of balancing that and figuring that out. How I can manage both of those to have my ultimate success.. I have many other purposes I want to achieve. I was given so much as a kid to get me out here, and I’m going to do the same thing. It’s my father’s passion, it’s my passion, and obviously as I keep growing out here and keep building as a player I’m going to be able to do even more things than I am now. That is one of my purposes as well. But again, it’s managing all those expectations and figuring out ways to balance it once you get on the first tee. Everybody’s different, everybody adjusts to things differently, everybody thinks differently, everybody’s life situations are different and how they affect them. So, for me it’s been a learning process, but I think I’m finally starting to grasp it some and come out the other way”.

Everyone in Norway is going crazy for Viktor Hovland. The victory at the BMW International Open transformed an afternoon of his undercover in a Norwegian club into a national and non-national media event. And so, what should have been 18 holes in relaxation with three friends have become 18 holes in relaxation with three friends and three hundred fans on the green.

Power of golf and power of the Internet. The 23-year-old is one of the young rampants of the international circuit, in constant growth and with one foot already in history. The number 14 in the world ranking has two titles on the bulletin board on the PGA Tour (the first Norwegian to impose itself in the USA, in the Puerto Rico Open 2020 and in the Mayakoba Classic 2020). As if that weren’t enough, at the end of June he was the first Norwegian to win a race on the European Tour. The success at the BMW International Open came at the end of June on the Munich Eichenried course: Hovland won with two strokes off Martin Kaymer and four Jorge Campillo.

Returning to his homeland after the success, Viktor had opted for a sabbatical week. No contact with the professional golf world: no interviews, no appearances and no interventions via Zoom. In the Oslo player’s plans, the will to regenerate on a mental level ahead of next week’s Open Championship.

His program includes a lot of golf but in great secrecy, including eighteen holes with three friends at Larvik Golfklubb, a club two hours’ drive from Oslo. The chosen playmates were Andreas Halvorsen (professional on the Latin American tour), Kevin André Wright (pro and former Norwegian champion) and former footballer John Arne Riise.

So far so good. None of the four, however, had calculated Golfbox, the Norwegian gesgolf, the site where tee times are booked. A member of the Larvik Golfklubb, looking for a time to his liking, came across the name “Viktor Hovland h.16.00” and couldn’t believe his eyes. He immediately photographed the page to turn it on a Facebook group. Once socialized, you know, the photo has no limits.

So at 4pm one day last week, three hundred Hovland fans showed up in Larvik to meet him. However, the “leak” did not scare the 23-year-old who, between a selfie and an autograph, played accompanied by his audience.