Bryson DeChambeau made fans laugh by comparing a pizzeria and the PGA Tour

Bryson DeChambeau and the rest of LIV Golf are furious about the PGA Tour ban. In an interview with Fox News, DeChambeau said that such moves are pointless. Bryson hopes that a solution will be found.

“It doesn’t make sense (the ban),” DeChambeau said for Fox News. “No, I’m not worried about that. I think it will get figured out. I personally know that it will get figured out, whether it’s legally or whether they come to the table and work out terms. I definitely think it will all wash itself out in the future, pretty shortly.”

What made many laugh was the comparison of Bryson DeChambeau. This great golfer offered the example of a pizzeria and thereby emphasized how pointless some decisions are.

“It’s so weird, because it’s like – let’s use this as a reference. I heard this earlier this week. You have a pizza shop that’s been in existence for 50 years and all the customers go to it and it’s a great product.

“All of a sudden, a new pizza shop opens up, right? And they start paying the customers to come eat at their place, and that pizza is potentially a little bit better of a pizza, right? And then, all of a sudden, that original pizza house goes, if you go over there, we’re banning you from ever coming back to our pizza shop. What’s wrong with that economic model?

LIV Golf opportunity

DeChambeau believes that this is an ideal opportunity for golf and that with the arrival of LIV Golf this sport will evolve and become even better.

“Any time anyone invests over a billion dollars into the game of golf, how is that not going to grow the game and how is that not going to provide more opportunities?”

The situation between the PGA Tour and LIV Golf will remain tense for a long time. We still don’t know if a solution will be found.