Billie Jean King: I admire Ons Jabeur, I’d like to see her succeed

Former world No. 1 Billie Jean King is a big fan of Ons Jabeur and she is rooting for the Tunisian to continue her rise. 

Jabeur, 27, is having the best season of her career as this season she became the first Arab player ever to break into the top-10 and to make the WTA Finals. 

“I just knew I should call her,” King told The National. “I do call players, not just her, or we meet through people, and I just thought it was important.

“She has such a yearning to do well for the Arab people, and that came through really loud and really clear.

“She’s trying to represent the Arab people and I’m very big about what you do off the court, not just on the court. So I think I really admired that part of her. The reason I like it is because it’s always easy when you both think the same way, because I feel the same way, that I’m representing people, I love team play, I love representing my country, I love the fact that it’s something bigger than yourself, and I see that in her; I see that sameness in her that I admire.”

Jabeur doing her best to represent the Arabs in the best way possible 

Jabeur is now one of the best players in the world and enjoying a career-high ranking of No. 8 but she has hasn’t forgotten from where she came from. 

“Because I think we need to use our sport as a platform to do good and I think she is, and I love that. I love the fact she’s so proud of being Arab, and she’s representing Arabs; she wants to make a difference for women’s tennis as well,” King continued. 

“So she’s got a lot of things going on that she’s trying to help make this world a better place and I admire what she’s trying to do and I’d like to see her succeed.”