Bianca Andreescu: Thinking too much about past and 2019 season was ruining me

World No. 21 Bianca Andreescu revealed that thinking too much about the past negatively impacted her and she now wants to live in the present moment. 

In 2019, Andreescu won the US Open and Indian Wells Masters, as well as achieved a career-high ranking of No. 4 in the world. 

“I would say the main thing this year for me was to stop looking in the past because that’s what I was doing a lot and that’s what was really ruining me,” Andreescu said, per Tennis Now. “I would always tell myself ‘Oh I want to play like I did back in 2019, why aren’t I playing like I used to?’

“But then I really had to switch that mindset and start focusing in the present moment because the past is the past. Even in the future I’d really look into the future as well, so I just stopped that and I told myself to live every moment like it’s your last and obviously it doesn’t come easy, because I still feel like my mind is all over the place, but I know it’s getting better and, you know, with the help of meditation and a good team around me that’s definitely going to improve.”

Andreescu excited about returning to Indian Wells

The Indian Wells Masters wasn’t held last year so Andreescu returned to this year’s event as the defending champion.

“I think that looking back into the past in a positive way is actually beneficial,” Andreescu said. “I was looking at it in a more negative way because I was getting too down on myself, saying ‘Oh, why? What if?’ and just having all these thoughts, but something that I actually do is go back to 2019 and watch videos of myself in that position and I try to feel the emotions that I felt back then.

“For this tournament I actually did the same thing a couple of days ago and I know Indian Wells they posted a video of my best shots from the tournament and just seeing that really brings me into a good place, and knowing that I won the tournament it just brings you in a really good place. So it’s just shifting from that negative way of thinking in the past to the positive.”