Benoit Paire in tears: “I have suffered a lot in recent months”

Benoit Paire has never been afraid to express his thoughts and show his exuberant character on and off the court. The French tennis player has been in the eye of the storm in recent months due to his negative performance and some statements made to the press.

In fact, Paire has admitted on more than one occasion that at this moment tennis represents only a source of income for him and that he prefers not to commit to obtaining important results.

The absence of the spectacles and the empty stadiums have certainly influenced the performance of Paire, one of those players who always manages to get excited when the public plays the part of him.

Paire’s tears: “I will always remember this Roland Garros”

Benoit, yesterday afternoon, however, also showed the other side of the coin: that of a boy who can’t hold back his emotions after the defeat he suffered in front of his home-crowd.

Paire lost in four sets to an excellent Casper Ruud and at the press conference he explained why he indulged in a liberating cry at the end of the game. He said: “I have received a lot of criticism in the last few months. When I took the field today I didn’t know how the crowd would react. I will always remember this Roland Garros for the expressions of affection I received today, from everyone. Eventually I broke down, but they weren’t tears of pain.

I’ve cried for everything I’ve been through in the last few months. My family knows I’m not happy right now and they have had a hard time. If I let myself go it was because I had a knot in my stomach, I could no longer restrain myself. Sometimes people enjoy watching my tennis, but lately the media have only shown my negative side.”

Paire’s tears tell that in sport, as in life, it is never correct to judge others without really knowing their emotions and sensations.