Becker hails Cristiano Ronaldo: “You may like him or not but you gotta respect…”

Cristiano Ronaldo’s late victory goal against Villarreal in UEFA Champions League impressed football fans around the world and not only, as former world number one Boris Becker bowed down to the Portuguese’s performance in Manchester United’s shirt.

“You may like him or not but you got to respect the performance on a weekly basis at the tender age of 37,” said Becker on Instagram.





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Manchester United defeated Villarreal 2-1 in a Champions League group stage match at Old Trafford on Wednesday, with Cristiano Ronaldo scoring a stunning goal in the fifth minute of stoppage time. 

In the extra time, with the score tied at 1-1, Ronaldo headed a ball into the box only to see the ball rebounded to him at an awkward angle.

However, the Portuguese star secured the win, scoring past Villarreal goalkeeper Gerónimo Rulli and pulling his shirt off in joy as his colleagues rushed to him at the corner flag.

Becker once compared Ronaldo with Federer

In a past interview, Boris Becker observed how the popularity of athletes and tennis players has grown over time.

“At the end of 90s you would talk about brands and you would usually have music stars, and in the last year sportsmen became brands, look at Ronaldo in football. Messi you can argue, I am not sure he wants to be. Roger Federer is a brand, once you think of him you immediately look at all what he has done, which I think is good, but there will be newcomers and you have to be open for that,” said Becker.

Ronaldo transferred to United on 31 August 2021, a move that “delighted the club’s global fan base”, according to Manchester’s official website, and made Cristiano capture headlines around the world.

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