Aryna Sabalenka apologizes to Kristina Pliskova for cold handshake

World No. 3 Aryna Sabalenka apologized to Kristina Pliskova for the cold handshake following their Montreal Masters clash. 

Sabalenka, seeded at No. 1, was beaten by Pliskova in the semifinal as the Czech won 6-3 6-4. 

At the net, Sabalenka gave Pliskova a hand tap and didn’t look her in the eyes. 

“My behavior was not professional…sorry for the handshake. I just completely lost my mind in that moment,” Sabalenka noted. 

Sabalenka entered the match as the favorite but Pliskova was confident in her chances. 

“I mean, I suppose. Like, I don’t think people really, really change the game. Once you have, like, this kind of game, I don’t think you can go to something completely different just like in a couple of weeks because it’s different surface,” Pliskova said before the match. 

“We met on a hard court. We met on grass. I think she’s just, like, smashing everything. I don’t think there is a really difference on the surface. Maybe, of course, on grass some balls are tougher to get. Maybe the serve is tougher to just block somehow because it’s, like, faster, kinds of stays lower.”

Pliskova didn’t back up her Sabalenka win 

In the Montreal Masters final, Pliskova lost to Camila Giorgi as the Italian claimed her maiden Masters title. 

After the final, Giorgi was asked about one of her quotes, in which she said she doesn’t follow tennis. 

“Actually, no. What I was saying is that when I’m off of the court I like to do other things. For example, my mom has a brand, Giomila, the one I’m wearing all the time, of course. And I love fashion. This is for me it,” Giorgi explained. 

“When I’m in the court, in the tournament, (I’m) very focused. I do my physical, everything. When I go home, there is other things in life, too. The beautiful thing that I think to be a woman, that you can wear things, just colors, different kind of dresses. This is I think even life.”