AO 2020 champ Sofia Kenin takes breast selfie, amazes followers

Australian Open 2020 champion Sofia Kenin posted a photo from the neck down on her Instagram account to promote a clothing brand. “Sundays in Free People,” Kenin captioned the photo.

Here are a few comments coming from Kenin’s followers as a reaction to the photo:

“Very s*xy”
“Looking amazing”
“Look good, Sunday is relaxing day”





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Kenin said goodbye to Federer and Serena Williams

Recently, Sofia Kenin said goodbye to Serena Williams and Roger Federer following the two tennis icons’ retirement announcements. “Two of the toughest goodbyes tennis has ever seen. It’s been a privilege to play in the same era as legends like Serena and Roger.

Thank you both for everything you’ve done for the sport we love,” Kenin wrote on Instagram.

Also, in September Sofia Kenin reflected on her battle with injuries and encouraged anyone who is going through a rough patch to believe that brighter days will come.

“Since September is National Recovery Month, I wanted to share some of my own experiences recovering from injury,” Kenin wrote in her Instagram post. “I hope this can help anyone who is going through something similar!

When I injured my ankle, it was really tough not being able to compete and travel. I saw everyone playing the tournaments I was supposed to be playing in, and of course it made me sad and I felt pretty down. But I knew that I had to put my health first because that is most important, even outside of tennis.

As soon as I was able, I began going to physical therapy every day and doing everything I could to get back to doing what I love – playing and competing. Once my body started to heal and I got stronger, I felt better mentally because I knew that soon enough I would be back on the court.

I had a great support system to get me through my injury and the team at KT tape was a huge part of that. Keeping a positive mindset and focusing on the bigger picture was super important to me during this time, and it still is as I continue to get better on and off the court!”