Andy Roddick praises Reilly Opelka for ripping media, speaking his mind

Former world No. 1 Andy Roddick has praised American tennis star Reilly Opelka for coming out and speaking how he honestly feels. 

Opelka went on a rant about tennis journalists in Indian Wells, saying tennis has the worst media of any sport. 

“These guys are terrible – there are some bad journalists. You have some guys that just criticize. They look to be super negative. Guys that know nothing about tennis. I think we have the worst media of any sport, quite frankly,” Opelka said, per Inside Tennis. 

Opelka fed up with negativity in the pressers 

“I’m sure there are, but none of the ones that interview me or none of the ones that I’ve done pressers [with]. I’m in the finals of Toronto and these guys are asking me, ‘What’s wrong with American tennis? Why aren’t there any American players in the top 30?’ The same in Rome: I’m in the semis and they are finding the negative. I’m 23 and playing Rafa. Things are quite all right. I’m in the finals of Toronto and we are going to talk about how Americans don’t win Slams?” Opelka explained.

“They take subtle shots at John Isner. I’m like, ‘Why?’ He’s been top 20 for 10 years in a row. We have a journalist saying, “Mixed-doubles is not in the French Open this year. That’s what makes a Slam a Slam.” Like, really? Is that a joke? There shouldn’t even be mixed doubles. They should get rid of it completely. It doesn’t sell a ticket. No one cares about it, no one watches or wants it to be there. Just get rid of it and throw all that money into the women’s and men’s qualifying. Take care of your people that actually have potential to sell tickets. It just shocks me. The media is awful in our sport. It holds our sport back, it really does.”