Andy Murray urges media to keep shining light on ‘tragic’ Ukraine situation

Former world No. 1 Andy Murray underlined that the situation in Ukraine is still very “tragic” and that it’s important to keep talking about it and trying to find ways to help the Ukraine crisis. 

In March, three-time Grand Slam champion Murray announced for the rest of the season he would be donating his prize money to Ukraine UNICEF Aid to help Ukrainian children. 

In late February and early March, several tennis players spoke out against the war in Ukraine. 

More than five months have passed since the start of the Russian invasion and it seems that what is happening in Ukraine is not getting as much attention as it did in late February and early March. 

Murray: People are still getting killed, it’s still a tragic situation

“Yeah, I hope so. That’s one of the things that I think UNICEF have been talking to my team about. It’s very difficult. It’s not the main story on the news every day like it was back then,” Murray said, per Ben Rothenberg. “You can’t just forget about this. It’s still going on. People are still getting killed, children are still having to flee their homes, and are in really, really tragic situations. I think it’s important that the media continues to shine a light on it, keep talking about it. Hopefully like what the tournament is doing here can help a little bit with that.”

A week ago, Iga Swiatek held a charity event called “Iga Swiatek and Friends for Ukraine.”

Just like Murray, Swiatek expressed disappointed that some have seemingly started to forget about Ukraine.

“I noticed that the memory of the war has diminished. Many players took off the ribbons that they put on in February for two or three matches. I find it a bit inconsistent. This ribbon stayed with me and will remain with me,” Swiatek said. 

Meanwhile, Murray is set to compete at the Citi Open in Washington, where he plays Mikael Ymer in the first round.