Andy Murray reveals what exactly motivated him to start fighting for women’s rights

Three-time Grand Slam Andy Murray revealed that seeing how Amelie Mauresmo was treated during their stint motivated him to stand up more for women. 

In 2014, Murray added Mauresmo to his coaching staff and the two worked together for two years. 

After hiring Mauresmo, Murray started receiving questions by reporters that he didn’t really receive during his past stints with male coaches. 

It was pretty clear to Murray that some were indirectly suggesting that he should not have hired a female coach – and that didn’t really sit well with him. 

“Well, I think everyone’s different, so I don’t think that every athlete necessarily should have the same role or speak out about everything,” Murray said, per Sportskeeda. “But there’s been certain topics and subjects that have been important to me during my career, and I’ve felt personally, yeah, wanted to stand up for the women. That started really after I started working with Amelie Mauresmo. Before then it was not something, being perfectly honest, I thought about. I was just thinking about my own career and focusing on that and my tennis.”

Murray on seeing the reaction to hiring Mauresmo 

“When I started working with Amelie, saw the way that she was treated, I then started to ask more questions to like my mum about it,” Murray explained. “She’s been a tennis coach in a pretty sort of male-dominated sport for her whole life. I asked about some of the challenges and stuff that she faced. Obviously spoke to Amelie about it.”

On a more positive note, Murray said it’s a positive thing that male and female tennis players compete together. 

“I think it’s a great message,” Murray said. “I think it’s great for sponsors and television. I just see it as a really positive thing for the sport. I try to speak out about that when I can.”