Andrey Rublev: “I wouldn’t want to play against Andy Murray and Nick Kyrgios”

Andrey Rublev has revealed some particular details in view of the start of the American tournaments, in which he will take part to try to take away important satisfactions.

The Russian, after the stop caused by the exclusion from participating in Wimbledon, is determined to make the best preparation so as not to be caught unprepared for the US Open, the last Grand Slam of the 2022 season.

Rublev revealed the sensations before taking off at the ATP 500 in Washington: the Moscow native will be the main seed to go hunting for the title currently held by Jannik Sinner, who does not he’ll be there.

The words of the Russian

It will be the first hard court event for the number 8 in the world, after a few weeks on clay: “I really like playing here, there is a great atmosphere. This is a great tennis club in general, with the typical American style. Many spectators come to the matches and stay until the end of the session. They put on a good show and we tennis players like it a lot. In terms of sports entertainment, the United States is the best.

Not just in tennis but in any other sport. I hope I can do a good job and start this tour in America with a win. It’s a tournament that counts on great players. I didn’t see the complete list of athletes at the starting line but I remember that even at the bottom of the list there were top-level tennis players, including Nick Kyrgios and Andy Murray. I never want to play with either of them right away. I hope it’s mutual!”

Rublev may be happy in this respect, given that the Australian and the British are far from his side of the draw. From a Us Open perspective: “There are times when things don’t work out as much as you train. In this type of tournament anything can happen, the result can be unpredictable. Sometimes you feel good, other times you have a horrible feeling and the ball doesn’t bounce as you would like. Tennis, in general, is like that.”