American doctor disappointed in Novak Djokovic over ‘display of selfishness’

American cardiologist Doctor Jonathan Reiner thinks Novak Djokovic should have used his position to set a good example during the pandemic instead of “displaying selfishness.”

Djokovic, one of the greatest players in tennis history, hasn’t been vaccinated against COVID-19 and there is no indication that he will be getting the vaccine in the future. 

As per the current US vaccine laws, Djokovic can’t enter the United States as an unvaccinated foreigner. 

Doctor Reiner thinks Djokovic should compete at the US Open but admits he is disappointed in the Serb’s reluctance to take the vaccine. 

“When I look at someone like Djokovic, someone who has made hundreds of millions of dollars playing tennis, who has lived this incredibly fortunate life, I look at him to be some sort of a symbol of public responsibility,” Doctor Reiner said during a conversation with Patrick McEnroe on the Holding Court Podcast, per Sportskeeda. “Despite the fact that I do think he should play in the United States, I think he has totally failed to do that during the darkest point in this pandemic where he should’ve been really seen as an example, he has failed to do that. What he did in fact was display selfishness, that’s what it was like last winter, pure selfishness.”

Doctor Reiner thinks Djokovic should have set an example 

Djokovic is one of the biggest stars in all sports and him not getting vaccinated is sending a wrong message to others, suggests Doctor Reiner. 

“When I look to athletes, I look at them as people who sort of get to the public and to try and represent the best of us. When kids go to baseball games or they go to the US open and they’re rooting for a player. I look for a player to show me something that makes me want to reach higher levels in my life. Some demonstration of courage, or discipline, or sacrifice. I think during the pandemic wearing a mask in public has not been much of a sacrifice and just getting vaccinated to protect you and the community isn’t much of a sacrifice for yourself. But it is a statement for your commitment to your community,” Reiner explained.