Alexander Bublik in Eastbourne: INCREDIBLE quarrel with the chair umpire

Alexander Bublik is one of the most distinctive players on the ATP Tour. The Kazakh was the protagonist of a match yesterday against the American Taylor Fritz. Although Bublik had stated that he liked grass, the player stuck in a real bad day, collapsing with a clear 6-3 6-2 and without any real reaction.

Not only the defeat for Bublik who was the protagonist of a dispute with the judge of the chair. Bublik threw the racket on the ground (as you can see in the video the voluntariness is quite clear) but after the recall of the chairman he started a long discussion with the latter, stating that it had practically fallen from his hand.

A nervous breakdown that made the day even more complicated for the Kazakh. We recall that at the upcoming Wimbledon 2022 Russian and Belarusians player were banned by the Al England Club board. There will be among the stars Novak Djokovic, rafael Nadal and Serena Williams.

Let’s review the video:





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