Adriano Panatta: “Rafael Nadal moved me”

Adriano Panatta expressed himself on Rafael Nadal’s umpteenth triumph at the Roland Garros. Rafa also won the second Grand Slam tournament of the 2022 season. to the foot, thanks to the help of targeted interventions that allowed him to play without feeling pain.

The former Italian tennis player analyzed in detail the victory of the Majorcan champion, also expressing the emotions he felt in watching his games.

Here are his opinion, in an interview with La Stampa: “When I saw him triumph at the Australian Open in January, I confess, at my age I was moved. And not so much for the qualities of the tennis player, which has been out of the question for some time, but for the admiration I felt for the man.”

Adriano Panatta: “Rafael Nadal moved me”

The winner of Roland Garros in 1976 spoke of the suffering that the Iberian experienced in the two weeks of the Parisian competition: “Those who have not been players cannot understand the frustration of not being able to give their best due to injuries, of having to stop, the feeling of not being able to be completely in control of one’s own destiny. Here, Nadal has also managed to overcome this obstacle and show us that the passion he feels for tennis is stronger than any problem.”

A real feat for Nadal: “I’m not talking about the final, Ruud was clearly not an opponent on a par with him, but of the inner strength that he was able to bring out. Two weeks ago he wasn’t even sure he could play. Zverev’s retirement in the semifinals may have favored him but to raise the Cup of Musketeers once again, at the age of 36 a few days ago, he still had to stay on the field for a long time, to appeal to all his energies.”

In the next hours or day we will know if the Spaniard will be able to partecipate at the much awaited Wimbledon 2022.