Adriano Panatta: “Modern tennis? More biomechanics than talent”

In recent weeks, some famous personalities from the world of tennis have expressed their views on the new generation of athletes. In particular, Toni Nadal sent a clear message by exploiting the withdrawal of Jo-Wilfried Tsonga.

The Spanish coach, through the editorial published in the newspaper El Pais, has in a certain sense criticized a certain style of play. A style of play characterized by the power of the shots and not oriented to give spectacle to the public.

“With Tsonga there is a style that, I believe, will have completely disappeared in a few years. The tennis of the player who plays more with the heart than with the technique and who tends to involve the crowd more than complete and perfect athletes. Today there are only robots,” Toni.

Adriano Panatta: “Tennis has totally changed”

During the fifth edition of Tiziana Rocca’s Filming Italy Sardegna Festival and in the words reported by the ANSA press agency, Adriano Panatta also talked about the changes taking place in the Tour.

He explained: “It is certainly not what it once was, it is now more biomechanics than talent. All practiced by super trained athletes, taller, stronger and faster than before: talent, given the speed extreme, it is more difficult to emerge.

Tennis has totally changed. There is much more professionalism, interests and business. Just think that in my day when I had to play abroad it was I who bought the ticket and then went to Fiumicino.”

Panatta was not only one of the greatest champions of Italian tennis, but also an offshore, water motor sport driver. “How did I get there? It’s simple: my two great passions are the sea and engines and so I could only practice this sport that I have been doing for 25 years, much longer than tennis. A sport in which I risked dying at least three or four times, but if you have that passion inside, go ahead and do it at risk.”

According many insiders, mince Roger Federer’s arrive on the Tour, it seems tactics and athletic strength are more important than talent. Is it true?