The Racing Writer’s Podcast: Jade Gurss

Jade Gurss is back with another must-read auto racing book, this time having worked with Al Unser Jr. Gurss, who had known Unser back during the latter’s driving career, takes The Racing Writer’s Podcast inside:

*The work to tell Unser’s story in the best way
*The reason for starting the book with Unser’s suicide attempt
*Unser’s willingness to be vulnerable
*The honesty and openness of Unser about his personal life and decisions
*Drug use and the Penske days
*Vivid memories on winning the Indianapolis 500 but feeling adrift afterward
*How complex Unser is
*The fact-checking process
*What Gurss was looking forward to hearing from Unser about
*How it felt after such an intense project was done
*What the takeaway for readers should be of Unser’s story