NASCAR podcast: 23XI’s Steve Lauletta

In a fortunate twist of timing with the team’s first win on Monday, this week’s guest on The Racing Writer’s Podcast is Steve Lauletta, team president of 23XI Racing. Lauletta discusses his role and the main things the organization has going on both on and off the racetrack, including:

• Explaining how he never wanted to work for another race team after leaving the sport for a few years but being drawn to 23XI

• What it looks like in the early days of starting a race team and what experience Lauletta thinks he brought that helped get things going

• Where the team is now almost a full year into operation and already looking ahead

• What stands out from 11 years with Chip Ganassi Racing

• Why he wanted to start his own marketing company

• How teaching tennis when Lauletta was younger carried over into his business sense

• Going from wanting to be a judge to working in sports and how he got to NASCAR

• What a team president does on a given day or week

• If anything keeps Lauletta up at night and his mindset about mistakes

• What he looks for when hiring people

• 23XI Racing being a brand that goes racing and how they will be different in NASCAR