Gasly gets pit lane start for new PU after crash

Pierre Gasly will start the Italian Grand Prix from the pit lane after taking a new power unit following his crash in the Sprint.

Starting from sixth, Gasly damaged his front wing against the rear of Daniel Ricciardo’s McLaren when fighting with Lewis Hamilton and Lando Norris for fourth place at the first chicane. The Frenchman’s wing then failed and pitched him into the barrier at Curva Grande, damaging his car.

While the power unit itself was not damaged, Gasly was already demoted to the back of the grid as a result of the incident, and so AlphaTauri has taken the opportunity to fit a brand-new power unit given it has little impact on his starting position.

Usually such a change would lead to a grid drop but as the Energy Store is an upgraded component compared to the previous one he was using, the change in specification means Gasly has to start the race from the pit lane.

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