FIA going about solving issues the wrong way – Horner

Red Bull team principal Christian Horner believes the FIA is taking the wrong approach to trying to solve the porpoising issue that some teams are facing.

The FIA has issued a technical directive that states it will try to define “a metric, based on the car’s vertical acceleration, that will give a quantitative limit for acceptable level of vertical oscillations.” While the exact mathematical formula for this metric is still being analyzed, teams could be subject to direction from the FIA to take action in future, and Horner doesn’t feel it’s the right solution to the problem.

“The FIA — you can understand safety being their main concern, but to drop a technical directive like that just as we’re coming into a weekend, without any consultation…it just feels the wrong way to be going about things,” Horner told Sky Sports. “I think there needs to be proper consultation with the experts. A solution can be found.

“It’s a very dangerous thing to be giving the FIA the right to set up your rear ride height and your set-up going into a race. What happens if the wind changes during the race? What happens if the porpoising gets worse for whatever reason, based on the baseline they give?

“So it’s the metric [and method of measuring it] to apply this regulation – that’s what needs to be discussed. The intent is all well and good but it’s not been introduced in the right way.”

While it is widely believed Red Bull will benefit from the technical directive more than the likes of Ferrari and Mercedes — who have been visibly bouncing more than the championship leaders — Horner says it’s not fair to apply something to all of the teams.

“There’s so many things they could do that would just be easier. Stick a bigger plank on it, for example. That would get the cars off the ground. Trying to mitigate, judge between one car and another…maybe we’ll benefit from it, maybe we won’t; I’ve got no idea.

“But it seems a very complicated way to go about solving an issue. It’s not an issue which affects all of the teams. I think the inference should be on the teams to get it sorted. There’s a set of regulations that are consistent for everybody there.”

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