Aston Martin drops Hungarian GP appeal bid, Vettel disqualification stands

Aston Martin has dropped its appeal against Sebastian Vettel’s disqualification in the Hungarian Grand Prix, confirming he will lose his second place.

Vettel originally finished a close second to Esteban Ocon after a race-long battle but stopped on track on the way back to the pits after the checkered flag. The FIA was then unable to take the required 1.0-liter fuel sample from Vettel’s car — managing to extract just 0.3L — leading to his disqualification.

Aston Martin initially claimed there was over 1.4 liters of fuel still in the car based on its data, but then subsequently found that a fuel system failure had led to some fuel being lost, leading to the lack of a sample.

The team had appealed the disqualification and simultaneously launched a petition for right to review the penalty, because the fuel system failure was a new discovery. While the stewards admitted that was a new element, they dismissed its relevancy because the regulations do not include exceptions when stating a team must be able to provide a 1.0L fuel sample at any time.

With that petition for right to review rejected, Aston Martin has now also withdrawn its appeal against the disqualification.

“Having considered our position and having noted the FIA stewards’ verdict that there was clear new evidence of a fuel system failure, we have nonetheless withdrawn our appeal on the basis that we believe doing so outweighs the benefits of it being heard,” an Aston Martin statement read.

The decision confirms Vettel’s disqualification and promotes Lewis Hamilton to second place in the final results ahead of Carlos Sainz in third. In a quirk of his results, it means Sainz has only celebrated two of his “podium finishes” on a podium, after also being promoted to third place at Brazil in 2019 post-race.

Fernando Alonso is now classified fourth ahead of Pierre Gasly in fifth, Yuki Tsunoda in sixth, Williams pair Nicholas Latifi and George Russell in seventh and eighth respectively, while Max Verstappen and Kimi Raikkonen round out the points.