Alonso labels half points ‘shocking’ as top 10 get ‘an early Christmas’

Fernando Alonso was left in shock after the decision to award half points to the finishers of the aborted Belgian Grand Prix.

A delayed start and formation laps behind the safety car did not count towards the race itself, but after the red flag was brought out to halt proceedings, any restart after that would trigger laps that registered in the classification. An attempt to test conditions more than three hours after the original start time lasted just over two laps – the minimum required for a race result – before FIA race director Michael Masi called the race off, meaning half points were scored despite all of the running taking place in a procession behind the safety car.

“It was a terrible day to be honest for everyone,” Alonso said. “Well for some of them it was probably a little bit of an early Christmas because there were some gifts given to some people because we didn’t race but they still get the position and they still get the points. So, it’s a little bit shocking.

“I was P11, I was one place from the points. I was never allowed to fight for those points, but they still give the points, so it’s shocking in a way, but it’s the way it is.”

While angry from a sporting perspective, Alonso acknowledged the biggest losers were the fans who did not see any racing from the Formula 1 grid after a weekend battling the elements.

“It’s sad for the people,” he said. “I think the fans have been amazing all weekend. With this weather they’ve always been supporting and after the pandemic, and after racing with no spectators for some part of the championship, now to see them is so nice and when you cannot give them nothing in the race it’s terribly sad. A very strange day.”