USA, Doncic among most successful expert predictions on Olympic Games

By Johnny Askounis/ [email protected]

The most successful and unsuccessful predictions of the Olympic Games feature plenty of participating teams and star players shining in Tokyo the past couple of weeks. Experts, including Eurohoops, were anticipating the USA, Luka Doncic, and Kevin Durant to take over but fell short on other predictions, as presented by RunRepeat.

The most successful result of the expert survey was the United States winning the gold medals with those backing the players of Gregg Popovich lurching at 72.3%. However, France capturing silver only gathered 13.3% in the pre-Olympic poll, while Australia had 18.1% for bronze.

Doncic poured the most points in the tournament wrapping up his efforts at 143 and vindicating 55.4% of the experts. His 57 assists also topped the competition as predicted by 51.8%. Durant named the MVP was called by 49.4%.

Mike Tobey edged Slovenia teammate Doncic in the hunt for rebounds with 63 over 58, but 0% of the votes had placed him first. France’s Rudy Gobert at 59% was considered the frontrunner.

Another unexpected outcome was Slovenia having the best offense as only 14.5% looked its way. The 75.9% sided with the scoring talent representing the USA.

Elsewhere, 70.7% had put Spain on the podium but saw the European powerhouse eliminated by the USA in the quarterfinals.

Among the national teams most likely to underachieve, France proved 26.5% wrong. Also, the Blues having the best defense was anticipated by 26.5% behind Spain at 30.1%.

Nigeria was voted by 28.9% to overachieve in Tokyo, but despite a great training camp suffered an early exit after losing all three of its games.


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