The NBPA welcomes Kyrie Irving back to the courts

By Eurohoops team/ [email protected]

Kyrie Irving finally talked and apologized about the controversy which was created by his tweet that included a link to a film with anti-Jewish propaganda and the NBPA welcomed the resolution of this issue.

Kyrie Irving is a vice president of the NBPA Executive Committee since 2020, so the National Basketball Players Association wanted to clarify its own position on the matter and also support Irving as he is trying to create new bridges between communities.

Per the NBPA press release:

“We are looking forward to Kyrie’s return to the court this evening.

Over the past several weeks, he has been on a journey of reflection, learning and open dialogue. Through meetings and conversations with leaders from the Jewish community as well as other thought leaders he’s developed a deeper understanding and has grown personally from this experience. As Kyrie has said, he remains committed to using his platform to bring people together through love and understanding.

We’re excited to see him back with his teammates doing what he loves.”

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