The NBA dream can wait: Iffe Lundberg staying with CSKA Moscow

By Aris Barkas/ [email protected]

When CSKA Moscow announced the deal with Gabriel Iffe Lundberg back in July, the dream of the 26-years old guard to make it in the NBA wasn’t postponed (yet) for the summer of 2022.

CSKA Moscow remains one of the top European organizations in every aspect and that also includes players’ treatment. Even when there’s not a buyout option in contracts signed, CSKA always tries to facilitate their members to reach their highest potential, even if this means leaving the club for the NBA.

In Lundberg’s case, an NBA out was also included in his contract, but this is just a formality. According to Eurohoops sources, Lundberg’s side explored all possible options about a jump to the NBA this summer, and among the teams which were interested were the Phoenix Suns. However, ultimately his best bet for an NBA deal was just a two-way contract.

Lundberg decided to remain in Europe for the 2021-22 season, aiming for the EuroLeague top, as CSKA Moscow once again emerges as a top contender for the title.

As CSKA Moscow president Andrey Vatutin said about this matter in his recent “Sport-Express” interview when asked about Lundberg and his wish to play in the NBA: “This is true, although, in my opinion, after one great season it is too early to take such a big step. Iffe can be understood: playing in the NBA is his dream, which is strengthened by the opportunity to become the first Dane in the strongest league in the world’.

Vatutin welcomes Lundberg’s ambitions and confirmed that CSKA will not be an obstacle for him on a possible move to the NBA, for the right buyout of course: “The dream leads him through life, makes him work on himself. I hope this factor will help CSKA. If at some point he receives a serious offer from across the ocean, we will let him go, and it’s not only about the contract clauses. I do not want to stand in the way of a person towards his main goal. And the club will still gain financially”.

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