Reggie Bullock glad he doesn’t have to guard Luka Doncic anymore

By Eurohoops team / [email protected]

Among the perks that Reggie Bullock will be enjoying at the Dallas Mavericks – his new home – is not having to be worried about stopping Luka Doncic anymore.

At least in games because that still may be a problem for him in practice.

Bullock talked about how glad he is to be playing alongside Doncic instead of being his opponent and what he likes the most about the Slovenian star’s game.

Per Mavericks:

“Everything he does on the court, from shooting the ball, to his go-to moves, to the way he gets other people involved, he’s a great player. I’m glad to say that he’s a teammate of mine now – that I don’t have to guard him for a game.”

“We had some great battles when we played against each other when I came down here. But he’s definitely competitive and he loves the game and he’s got a lot of respect for it, so I’m glad to call him a teammate now.”

The Mavericks officially signed 30-year-old Bullock in early August to add a swingman who can also deliver some necessary 3-point shooting. Throughout the first eight years of his NBA career, Bullock has been averaging 39.2 percent from beyond the arc on 3.9 attempts per game.

He’ll be getting some good looks to the basket with the Mavericks with Doncic setting him up.

“When it comes to shooting the ball, that’s one thing that I pride myself on,” Bullock said. “And obviously guarding the other team’s best player or guarding whoever is on the other end, I take great pride in that.”

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