Predrag Danilovic hopes national teams are benefited after Jordi Bertomeu’s departure

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Serbian Basketball Federation President Predrag Danilovic spoke about the upcoming change in the CEO position of EuroLeague Basketball in a recent interview with Djordje Matic and Nikola Stojkovic of Mozzart Sport and explains that this can have a great impact on European Basketball as a whole.

EuroLeague clubs-shareholders have voted in early November to dismiss CEO Jordi Bertomeu as of June 2022, a decision that could change the landscape of European basketball completely and benefit the national teams. “This whole war between FIBA and the Euroleague has a direct impact on everything that happens in basketball”, says Danilovic.

The Serbian Federation President pointed out specifically the current schedule restrictions when it comes to players competing for their national teams in FIBA’s windows and how this could change.

“Every placement in the big competitions now depends on those qualifications. In theory, qualifications are well thought out. I will not count the NBA players because it is not realistic for them to play, but if there were guys from the Euroleague and the Eurocup, then the qualifications would really gain weight”, he mentions. “I sincerely hope there are hints in the conversation with Andreas [Zagklis, FIBA ​​Secretary-General], that this will be the first thing that FIBA and the Euroleague will solve”.

“Now the question is, since it is a big system, what is left behind by Jordi Bertomeu, what kind of contracts were signed. I know that they are actively working on having the best players in Europe play for national teams, to no longer be a barrier”.

Could Bertomeu’s departure be a historic turning point in relations between the two leading basketball organizations in Europe after 15 years of conflict? Danilovic explains:

“There will be some changes for sure. The NBA, which is on the side of FIBA, also got involved. More precisely, helping solve this situation is a great thing. You don’t have to expect big things right away. I repeat, it is a big system, it takes time for changes to really happen and be felt”, he says. “Again, I don’t know what kind of agreements were signed between Bertomeu and some federations, clubs. Everything will be known more when someone new arrives”.



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