Jordi Bertomeu rules out EuroLeague license for ABA League clubs

By Antigoni Zachari / [email protected]

EuroLeague Basketball CEO Jordi Bertomeu recently discussed the possibility of an ABA League team getting a long-term license to compete in the EuroLeague, stating that currently, it’s not an option.

“The existing number of clubs is appropriate, taking into account many circumstances. We must also take into account the calendar because, with the increase in participants, the number of games would increase, which could cause tensions for some shareholders. At the moment we need the number of clubs which will meet expectations. Things may change in the future, but in the coming period they will remain as they are now”, Bertomeu tells in a recent interview with Djordje Matic of

In particular, Bertomeu was asked about the inclusion of German and French teams in the competition, in comparison to ABA League clubs.

“It’s a matter of basketball. In order to be more popular, we must have more funds, and in order to provide as much as possible, we must go to bigger markets, and these are the ones you mentioned – Germany and France. To develop the competition, we have to go to Central Europe and invest in markets where the fan base can increase significantly. For example, in France, it is higher by 55% and 48% in Germany. These figures are staggering.”

“Our focus is on countries that will allow us to grow, like Germany and France, but also Italy, where there is potential. It is our obligation to have an increasing number of fans from year to year”, added Bertomeu.

However, the EuroLeague CEO would be open to placing a license for an ABA League on the table under certain circumstances in the future.

“If the league expands and depending on the direction in which the clubs want to go, then that question will probably be on the table. But at the moment none of that.”

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