Ismael Bako: “We fought hard and kept our heads high. No regrets”

By Alex Madrid/ [email protected]

BAXI Manresa made a historic run all the way to the Final of the Basketball Champions League but couldn’t win the duel against Spanish rival Lenovo Tenerife, leaving them sad and heartbroken.

“We just came up short. It’s a tough pill to swallow but still, after a couple of moments, you have to acknowledge that we should be proud of what we did. Tenerife is an amazing team that today deserved to win. They fought harder than us and made more shots,” Ismael Bako told Eurohoops and added.

“But when you look overall, the way we performed, the way that we put on a spectacle for the whole world, the way so many supporters came to see us, it proves that we did something great. It’s something we shouldn’t feel bad for.”

Bako is also aware that he and his teammates will look back at this run later on in their career and be proud of it.

“Yes, of course. I think I want to rewatch all the games when I retire and I will say – ‘We really did something amazing’. Maybe right now, it doesn’t feel good but what we did was amazing.”

All in all, no regrets.

“It doesn’t matter who we play against. That’s our identity. They did good scouting but, in that end, we fought hard and kept our heads high. Sometimes we win, sometimes we lose. That’s the good thing about sports. No regrets.”


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