Irving: It’s not being anti-vax, I haven’t hurt anybody, I haven’t committed a crime

By Eurohoops team / [email protected]

Kyrie Irving has found himself in the middle of arguments about vaccination due to his decision not to get one and the Brooklyn Nets star guard decided to go live on Instagram and explain his stance publicly.

“It’s not being anti-vax. It’s about what feels good to me. I’m feeling uncertain… and that’s OK. I know the consequences of the decision I make with my life… It’s crazy times that we’re in. I haven’t hurt anybody. I haven’t committed a crime,” Irving said. “I’m standing with all those that believe what is right. Everybody is entitled to do what they feel is what’s best for themselves. Seeing the way this is dividing our world up… it’s sad to see… People are losing jobs to mandates.”

He also made it clear that he has nothing against people choosing to get the vaccine. “If you choose to get the vaccine, I support you. Do what’s best for you. I continue to pray for all those out there who have lost people to the pandemic to COVID.” 

When it comes to the actual basketball consequences of his actions, Kyrie said he will stay in shape and wait for his opportunity to play, not thinking at all about retiring as was rumored.

“You really think I want to lose money? You think I really want to give up on my dream to go after a championship? You think I really just want to give up my job? Think I really just want to sit at home and not go after the things with my teammates that I have been able to grow with, to learn with, to learn that it takes sacrifice in this space. … You think I want to give up my livelihood because of a mandate, because I don’t have accommodations, because I am unvaccinated? Come on,” he said.

“I am going to just continue to stay in shape, be ready to play, be ready to rock out with my teammates and just be part of this whole thing. This is not a political thing; this is not about the NBA, not about any organization. This is about my life and what I am choosing to do.”


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