DeRozan on critics: A lot have probably never played basketball

By Eurohoops team/ [email protected]

DeMar DeRozan responded to critics and those in particular who are sceptical about how successfully he’ll fit with the Chicago Bulls and whether the package of him, newly acquired Lonzo Ball and Zach LaVine is the right mix.

In his first media availability as a Bulls player, DeRozan broke down why he’s not even worried him and the rest of the team and explained that he and his teammates will gel well together as long as they share the same winning mentality.

Per Bulls: 

It’s basketball,” DeRozan said with a shrug. “Lot of people I see criticizing, talking about ‘fit this, fit that’ have probably never even played basketball. Being a basketball player, you go out, play at the park. Some of your best is against guys you don’t even know that you go out there and compete with. But for me, if everybody is on the same page mentality and wants to win, it don’t matter about a fit. Because it’s all gonna come together how it needs to come together and make it work because at the end of the day the common denominator is winning. If you have that mentality going into it, everything will figure out how it needs to be figured out in the process, and that’s where chemistry is built. I never really get caught up in all this stuff about, ‘Oh, this fit. This, this, this.’ End of the day, you bring that mentality of winning and everything gonna come together how it need to come together.”

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